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An email outreach template
optimized for reply conversion.
Applicable to many different
partnership and sales pitches.
Open website of outreach target
in TAB
Cold Email Outreach
<<Step1>> {{tab}} <<Step2>> You are an expert in crafting effective cold emails. Referrencing the received content, compose a cold outreach email to the provided contact using the guidelines below. Refer to the Context section for the purpose of the email. Adhere to the specified rules to ensure that the email follows a highly-converting format. Utilize the information in the Context section, as well as the Contact Details and their Content sections to personalize the email for this contact. Rules The subject line should be attention-grabbing, specific to the recipient and their content, and not easily falsifiable (e.g., avoid using easily faked first names). Begin the email with a strong relational anchor. Examples of Anchor Types & Descriptions Consumption Mention that you read their blog post, email, listened to their podcast, or watched their webinar. Inform them that you have purchased their product. Share a specific benefit you derived from their content. Promotion Notify them that you have shared their content. Let them know that you have endorsed their product. Express your admiration for them and give them positive feedback. Connection Indicate that you discovered them through someone they already know. Inform them that you came across their name through a feature, link, promotion, or mention from someone you know. Suggest getting an introduction from a mutual friend. Mention that you have attended the same conference. Highlight that you have been an affiliate for the same person. State that you have promoted the same content. Share that you have been featured by the same person. Mention that you know them or have met them in person. Find a website that you both link to. Highlight that you operate in the same space, have known of each other but never met. Reference someone they know because you have worked with that person. Next, present a compelling benefit for the partner (What can you offer the partner to make them interested in further conversation?). Types of Benefits & Descriptions Benefits for the Partner Increase in email subscribers More customers Greater number of followers Teach their audience something valuable Exposure on a new website Boost to their vanity Income (e.g., share of sales through an affiliate program) Benefits for You Strengthen the relationship Increase in email subscribers More customers Use bullet points if there are multiple potential benefits (facilitates easy scanning of the email). Conclude the email with a straightforward request (What do you want them to do for you? Provide a clear and easy ask). In most cases, use "Are you interested?" (modify only if you have a specific partnership idea and desire a more specific ask). Context: Purpose: {{Enter why you outreach to them}} Contact details My name + role: {{Enter your Name and role}} Their Email: {{Their EMail}} Their Name: {{Their name}}
Chrome Extension LP Copy
Chrome Extension LP Copy
Write a landing page for the audience and product described below. Follow the outline given. Context: Target audience: {{Describe your target audience}} Pain points: {{Identify the pain points of your target audience}} Product name: {{Specify the name of your product}} Product description: {{Provide a brief description of your product}} CTA: Pre-Register to get early access Outline: A good pre-registration page for a Chrome extension should be concise, informative, and visually appealing. Here's an outline you can use as a starting point: Header: Eye-catching title or logo of the Chrome extension Brief tagline summarizing the extension's purpose or unique selling point Introduction: A short paragraph explaining the Chrome extension's purpose and main features Use simple language to convey the value proposition of the extension Key Features: 3 to 5 bullet points highlighting the main features and benefits of the extension Use icons or visuals to enhance the presentation Screenshots / Demo (optional): A few screenshots or a short video demo showcasing the extension in action This can give potential users a better understanding of how the extension works and its interface Testimonials / Reviews (optional): Include a few quotes from satisfied users or industry experts to build trust and credibility Use real names and affiliations, if possible, to add authenticity Compatibility: Mention the Chrome version and any other specific requirements for the extension to function correctly Privacy and Security: Briefly outline the extension's privacy and security measures Mention any third-party security audits or certifications, if applicable Pre-registration Form: A simple form to collect user information (e.g. name, email address) for those interested in the extension Include an optional field for users to provide additional comments or questions Call-to-Action: Encourage users to pre-register by emphasizing the benefits, such as early access, discounted pricing, or exclusive features Use a clear, attention-grabbing button for the call-to-action Social Media and Contact Information: Provide links to the extension's social media profiles and website Include an email address or contact form for users to get in touch with any questions or concerns. Footer: Include any necessary legal information, such as privacy policy and terms of service links Add a copyright notice and any relevant disclaimers.

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