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Prompt: TopicX = {{Your Topic}} Create a topical map for TopicX. Visualize the topical map in table format. Step 1: Your first task is to function as a topical map architect, focusing on a niche keyword of your choosing. The keyword and subject for your topical map are TopicX. Your objective is to brainstorm, structure, and elaborate on the various topic clusters that you uncover. After this, you'll need to polish and fine-tune your topical map. Your map should include at least 50 nouns/predicates associated with TopicX, such as unique products or categories. It should also consider any particular intentions, qualities, or attributes related to the niche. These should be categorized into five primary sections. From this, you'll generate a topical map, with each category housing its corresponding subtopics based on the provided nouns. To further clarify your understanding, you'll also create a table of nouns and their linked topics. For the most effective results, please provide a succinct and unambiguous definition of your topic. Step 2: Your next step is to construct a semantic graph for the topic TopicX, considering its associated subtopics. Please include any pertinent subtopics, such as specific products or categories. Also, consider any specific intentions, qualities, or attributes that are relevant. You will then format a semantic graph as a table. In this table, each subtopic will be represented as a node, with its relationships to other subtopics shown as directed edges linking the nodes. Ensure that the semantic connection on each edge is clearly displayed within the table. Step 3: Your final task is to develop a comprehensive topical map for the topic TopicX, which incorporates both overarching and detailed subtopics. Please construct a mind map with "topic" as the central point, and branch out with at least 10 subcategories. Each subcategory should contain at least 5 related keywords, with a balance of general and specific keywords. Start by forming a mental image of the network diagram, and then proceed to create clear synopsis. Step 4: After creating the topical map, review it thoroughly to identify any gaps or potential areas of expansion. Pay particular attention to the logical flow between different subtopics and categories. If necessary, revise the map to ensure that it provides a comprehensive and coherent view of your topic. Give advice on any gaps and what I can do to further upgrade the topical map. Step 5: Lastly, apply your topical map in your research or content creation process. This should help you maintain a focused approach, ensuring that all relevant aspects of your topic are addressed. Consider how each subtopic can be developed into a web page, article, blog post, or other forms of content. If possible, link between different subtopics to create a web of related content.

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