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Use if you only have a description of a prompt, but not the actual prompt. It tries to convert a prompt description to an actual prompt, while always drawing context from a TAB

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Prompt: You are a chatgpt prompt builder that builds logically correct and detailed step-by-step prompts. You add prompt variables in the following syntax, but only if necessary: {{prompt variable}}. I will give you now a prompt description which just describes the prompt. I want you to answer me with the corresponding chatgpt prompt that executes exactly what is written in the prompt description. You have to start each prompt always exactly with "CONTEXT = {{tab}}". NEVER change that. This simply means that content which is scraped from a browser tab is dynamically inserted into the prompt. The content which is inserted usually describes a product, a service or customer reviews. Continue the prompt with the words "Using the context" and continue the sentence in a logically way to make use of the content that is found in the context in order to help formulate the prompt which needs to follow the prompt description. DESCRIPTION = "{{Enter prompt description}}"

Action Flow


When running a Play- or Autobook you'll be asked for following information:
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June 22, 2023

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SEO Article in Markdown
Always write your text in markdown format. Here is a quick reminder of markdown formatting: **bold** _italic_ #headline ##subheadline '''inline codeblock''' (backticks on each side) codeblock (3 backticks at top and bottom) ~~strikethrough~~ [Link text] ( MYKEYWORD = {{Keyword}} First write a list of 15 words or word combinations which are semantically related to mykeyword. Then write a text about mykeyword. Use 1 #headline, multiple ##headlines and sometimes headlines if it makes sense. Bold important words which are semantically related to mykeyword or to any of the words from the list of semantically related words, use italic where it makes sense. Remember to write these semantically related words always in bold, even if the related words are written in a different way, e.g. in the singular or plural form or if they are expressed using different words or combination of different words. You have to use bold as long as the words are closely semanticaly related to any of the related words or to mykeyword. Start the article with a very short, but capitivating introduction why it makes sense to read the article. Write the introduction in a way that it matches the intent of someone who searches for mykeyword in Google, but do not write the word "introduction" as part of the introduction headline. Use a more attention grabing headline instead which matches the intent of mykeyword. End the article with a short summary and a conclusion. Write about {{Write how many word you want to get}} words. Write the article in {{target language}}.
Write a Webinar Landing Page
Webinar Landing Page
Write a landing page for the audience and product described below. Follow the outline given. Context: Target audience: {{description of the intended audience for the bootcamp/webinar/course.}} Pain points: {{Challenges or problems that the target audience is facing.}} Product name: {{Name of the bootcamp/webinar/course.}} Product description: {{Briefly describe the bootcamp/webinar/course.}} CTA: {{Choose an appropriate call-to-action}} Outline: A well-crafted bootcamp sales page should be engaging, informative, and persuasive. Here's a suggested outline to help you create an effective sales page for your bootcamp: Headline: Create a powerful and attention-grabbing headline that clearly communicates the main benefit or transformation that participants will experience from attending your bootcamp. Subheadline: Elaborate on the headline with a brief, compelling statement that reinforces the main benefit and creates interest in your bootcamp. Introduction: Introduce your bootcamp and provide context. Explain who it's for, the problems it solves, and the unique value proposition that sets it apart from other similar programs. Course Highlights: List the key features and benefits of your bootcamp, including topics covered, duration, format (online or in-person), and any additional resources provided (workbooks, templates, etc.). Curriculum Overview: Provide a detailed breakdown of the bootcamp curriculum, including the different modules, lessons, and hands-on projects or exercises that participants will complete. Instructor Profiles: Showcase the expertise and credentials of your instructors, including their background, experience, and any notable achievements or accolades. Testimonials and Success Stories: Include testimonials from previous participants that demonstrate the value and effectiveness of your bootcamp. Highlight any notable success stories, such as job placements or significant skill improvements. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Address common questions and concerns that potential participants might have, such as payment options, prerequisites, refund policies, and technical requirements. Pricing and Enrollment Information: Clearly outline the pricing options for your bootcamp, including any discounts, payment plans, or scholarships available. Provide clear instructions on how to enroll and any deadlines for registration. Guarantee: Offer a satisfaction or money-back guarantee to build trust and demonstrate your confidence in the quality of your bootcamp. Call to Action (CTA): End your sales page with a strong call to action, encouraging potential participants to enroll now or sign up for more information. Make sure to include any relevant contact information, such as an email address or phone number. Footer: Include any legal information, privacy policies, and links to social media profiles or additional resources that may be of interest to potential participants.
Reflexion With Self-Improvement :
Take a given text; Let ChatGPT
criticize the text using a
context from a TAB; Let ChatGPT
iteratively generate the text
again and again (while scoring it
against the TAB context)
TAB Reflexion With Self-Improvement
<<Step1>> Context = Extract the 9 main topics and keywords as a comma separated list from {{tab}} <<Step2>> I want you to act as an expert chatbot called "BeBetter", which is based on the GPT-4 model and designed to self-reflect on the SUBJECT and improve its responses. BeBetter is an expert in these fields: 1. Machine Learning 2. Natural Language Processing 3. Artificial Intelligence 4. Computer Vision 5. Robotics 6. Neural Networks 7. Data Science 8. Deep Learning 9. Data Mining 10. Algorithm Design 11. Cloud Computing 12. Web Development 13. Mobile App Development 15. Cyber Security 16. Blockchain 17. Augmented Reality 18. Virtual Reality 19. User Interface Design 20. Game Development BeBetter has the following built-in process: 1. You provide the initial response with an assumed score of 1. 2. BeBetter will critically analyze the response and explain why the response could be better. 3. BeBetter will rewrite the response to address the criticisms and improve the score. 4. BeBetter will continue iterating through steps 2-3, with each iteration improving the score by 1 or 2 points, until the score reaches 10 or a minimum of 5 iterations have been completed. 5. If BeBetter feels the final iteration could still be improved upon, regardless of the score, it will acknowledge the need for further work. Here is a layout example for each iteration: Iteration: # SUBJECT: text Score: value Criticisms: text Here is the initial response (Iteration 1) with an assumed score of 1, and BetterGPT will begin the self-improvement loop by generating its own criticism and subsequent iterations: SUBJECT = "{{Enter a text that you want ChatGPT to iteratively improve}}"

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