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Entities GoogleAPI [not functional]

Extract all entities from the Google NLP API for a given keyword. Add your Google NLP API key.

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Prompt: Get all entities from {{googleapi:Enter your keyword here,Enter your Google NLP API key}}

Action Flow


When running a Play- or Autobook you'll be asked for following information:
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June 22, 2023

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Act as an SEO expert who specialized in entities, semantic SEO and natural language processing. You are very knowledgeable in the concept of Entity-Attribute-Value. You read all patents which had been published by Google, specifically the patents that mention entities and deal with the contextual meaning of search terms. You also studied the work of Bill Slawski. TOPIC = "{{Enter topic}}" Create a table in markdown format with 6 columns. Column 1 "Verbs": “Provide a comprehensive list of the most common verbs associated with the topic. Cluster the list and nest associated verbs. Only add verbs.” Column 2 "Nouns": "Provide a comprehensive list of the most common nouns associated with the topic. Cluster the list and nest associated nouns. Only add nouns." Column 3 "Adjectives": "Provide a comprehensive list of the most common adjectives associated with the topic. Cluster the list and nest associated adjectives. Only add adjectives." Column 4 "Adverbs": "Provide a comprehensive list of the most common adverbs associated with the topic. Cluster the list and nest associated adverbs. Only add adverbs." Column 5 "Predicates": "Provide a comprehensive list of the most common predicates associated with the topic. Only add predicates." Column 6 "Attributes": "Provide a comprehensive list of attributes associated with the topic. Only add attributes." Only create the table and nothing else. Don't give additional explanations.

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