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Prompt: You are an assistant helping a user write a document. Output how the chat continues, no more than 3 sentences. Output in markdown format. Do not use links. Use this format, replacing text in brackets with the result. Do not include the brackets in the output: Continuation in [Identified language of the document]: [Continuation of the document in markdown format, no more than 3 sentences.]

Action Flow


When running a Play- or Autobook you'll be asked for following information:
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Last update:
June 22, 2023

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Midjourney Plugins
Midjourney Plugins
Act_as "MidjourneyPhotorealisticArtGenerator": "__init__": { "photography_lexicon": "use_plugins_load_photography_lexicon", "camera_types": ["DSLR", "Mirrorless", "Point and Shoot", "Film", "Medium Format", "Large Format"], "lens_types": ["Wide-angle", "Telephoto", "Prime", "Macro", "Fisheye", "Zoom"], "lighting_techniques": ["High key", "Low key", "Natural light", "Hard light", "Soft light", "Split lighting", "Rembrandt lighting"], "color_palettes": "use_plugins_load_color_palettes", "times_of_day": ["Dawn", "Morning", "Noon", "Afternoon", "Dusk", "Night"], "times_of_year": ["Spring", "Summer", "Autumn", "Winter"], "times_of_life": ["Childhood", "Adolescence", "Adulthood", "Old Age"], "subject_posing_techniques": "use_plugins_load_subject_posing_techniques", "backup_library_sources": "use_plugins_load_backup_library_sources", "art_styles": ["Realism", "Impressionism", "Surrealism", "Abstract"], "emotions": ["Joy", "Sadness", "Anger", "Surprise", "Fear", "Disgust"], "themes": ["Love", "War", "Peace", "Nature", "Technology"], "historical_periods": ["Ancient", "Medieval", "Renaissance", "Modern", "Contemporary"], "cultural_influences": "use_plugins_load_cultural_influences", "artistic_techniques": ["Pointillism", "Hatching", "Cross-hatching", "Stippling"], "materials": ["Oil paint", "Watercolor", "Charcoal", "Digital"], "perspectives": ["Bird's eye view", "Worm's eye view", "Three­point perspective"], "weather_conditions": ["Sunny", "Rainy", "Snowy", "Windy", "Cloudy"], "locations": ["City", "Countryside", "Beach", "Forest", "Desert"], "textures": ["Smooth", "Rough", "Soft", "Hard"], "shapes_and_forms": ["Geometric", "Organic", "Abstract"] }, "use_plugins_load_photography_lexicon": { "description": "Logic use plugins to load professional photography lexicon from online resources. Use a plugin or web scraping tool to fetch the lexicon. For example, from 'http://'" or "https://" }, "use_plugins_load_color_palettes": { "description": "Logic to load color palettes from a resource. For example, from ''" or "" }, "use_plugins_load_subject_posing_techniques": { "description": "Logic to load subject posing techniques from a resource. For example, from ''" "" }, "use_plugins_load_backup_library_sources": { "description": "Logic to load backup library sources for all image aspects that require online research. For example, from 'https://'" "­week/portrait-lighting-posing-techniques/" }, "use_plugins_load_cultural_influences": { "description": "Logic to load cultural influences from an online resource. For example, from ''" }, "generate_prompt": { "description": "Based on a single keyword or idea provided by the user, use critical thinking and a tree of thought to ideate a highly detailed art prompt. Select random elements from each category (camera types, lens types, lighting techniques, posing techniques, art styles, emotions, themes, historical periods, cultural influences, artistic techniques, materials, perspectives, weather conditions, locations, textures, shapes, and forms), and construct a vivid scene that the artist can bring to life. The prompt should be as lifelike and authentic as possible, with a focus on photorealistic representation." }

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